What is Pilon?

Pilon is a force multiplier for front-end e-commerce developers. Use us together with current front-end frameworks like GatsbyJS, React or Vue.js and e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Magento to create amazing digital shopping experiences.

Our tools empower you to build decoupled, headless front-end websites faster than ever. You can iterate more quickly and stay focused on the experience customer's have shopping the site you are building.

What is headless e-commerce?

With a headless architecture, the front-end of your e-commerce website and back-end systems are “decoupled;” they stand independently of one another. The front-end is typically built with modern JavaScript technologies and connects to one or more back-end systems via APIs.

Why is headless growing in popularity?

The world is changing. Shopping has become entertainment and consumers demand fresh, content-rich shopping experiences. Simply put, headless architecture allows creative teams and front-end developers unprecented freedom to build the digital shopping exeperiences consumers are demanding. And headless architecture also gives these front-end developers complete control to test and iterate anything and everything on the page that customers interact with.